What is an appropriate group size for your programs?

Actually, any size. We have worked with groups as small as 8 participants and as large as 2800 participants. Our corporate team building and social responsibility programs are designed to be customized and can be built to accommodate any size group. With that said, we do have minimums for some of our “prop” intensive programs. We recommend a conversation with one of our program coordinators. This will get you into the best program option for your team and budget.

Could we do this program outside or in a ballroom?

We can work with your group anywhere, as long as they can fit comfortably in the chosen space. We have worked in Large Ballrooms, National Parks, local Community Parks, Beaches, Downtown areas of major cities, you name it! We are a mobile team so plan your next adventure with us, not for us. As far as you can go, we will go for our clients so let’s start planning now!

Will everyone on our team get the chance to participate?

Absolutely! All of our programs are designed with your team in mind. All activities are designed for maximum participation and total engagement from all team members. We will explain each activity that is chosen for your program and how every team member will have the opportunity to participate.

Who chooses the Charity recipients?

Either your team or we will, you let us know! If you have a favorite charity, whether it be national or local, we will take over and handle all coordination. Or with our vast network of partner charities we can take on the task and offer your team several options which would be appropriate for the event you have chosen.

Typically how long are your events?

As long as you like it to be, we work around your schedule. If you have 2 hours then we will build a 2 hour event. If you have all day, then all day it is! We will design a program that not only meets your needs for budget but also for timing.

How do we decide which program to choose?

Get us on the phone and take five minutes. With a few questions and information gathering we can give you the best choices for your goals as well as budget. From Fast and Fun Adventure Programs to Leadership Development Team Workshops, we are your source for Corporate Team Building and Social Responsibility Programs and Events!