Team Building Events Los Angeles, CA - A New Team

Team Building Events Los Angeles, CA - A New Team

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Los Angeles is the land of movie magic, postcard perfect beaches, and traffic. Lots of traffic. Planning corporate team building events in Los Angeles is both an excited and daunting prospect. There are an endless array of amazing locations that employees will actually want to go to. However, picking one, and making sure that it’s the right option for the team, can be a challenge. Luckily, the benefits of team bonding have been proven time and time again and working with an experienced corporate event company like A New Team can take the stress of planning away from internal staff. Team building events can boost creativity, encourage collaboration, ease tensions, allow employees to explore new group dynamics, and provide a space and time for personal relationships to blossom.

Team Building Events

After reviewing all of the potential benefits of hosting a corporate team building event, it’s time to discuss how to make one happen in Los Angeles. Working with a company like A New Team is a great solution. They have a highly client-centered approach to each event and have worked with teams as small as 8 people and as large as 2,800! Their tailored approach is perfect for the tricky, and sometimes costly, terrain of Los Angeles. From navigating budgets, logistics, and different industry’s needs, A New Team’s talented staff is able to create a customized event that will appeal to a variety of teams across Los Angeles. They can help in the process of selecting an event type, deciding on team building goals, organizing transportation, and developing an on-going event schedule to ensure that team bonding is a sustained commitment for the company. This guide is also a great resource and can provide a starting point for anyone planning a corporate team building event in Los Angeles.



Determine The Event Goals

Team Building EventsWhen planning a corporate team building event, it’s crucial to define the goals of the activity. Is the gathering intended to increase collaboration between team members? Is the focus to stimulate creativity for a team that’s developing new projects? Is the team hoping to have a better atmosphere and outlook at work? Perhaps the affair is intended to celebrate recent achievements, or acknowledge the hard work of individuals. Or maybe the company wishes to host an outward looking event, intended to give back to the community. In this case, a corporate social responsibility focused activity is a great option.


Cater To Team Preferences

Now that the goal is established, it’s time to think about the preferences of the team. Treat each employee like a guest at a party. Would they prefer something highly structured, or more open-ended? Will they want time to chat and socialize, or will they feel more comfortable with a constant flow of activities to get immersed in? In order for the corporate team building event to be successful, it needs to be fresh, fun, and unique. People in big cities like Los Angeles tend to be creative, interesting, adventurous people, so the event should match this.Trust us- no one wants to do another run-of-the-mill company picnic. A corporate adventure program may be just the ticket for a diverse and dynamic LA-based team.


Work With Event Planners That Understand LA’s Demographics

The great thing about working with a client-focused company like A New Team is receiving access to their fun, intelligent, and engaging staff. The owner, Paul Blanchard has worked in adventure-based learning and corporate team development for over 16 years. Paul hand-picks an amazingly skilled, educated, and diverse team to be the lifeblood of the each corporate event. Each team member is equipped with engagement tools designed to help facilitate meaningful engagement between a wide range of personality types and skill levels. They understand that Los Angeles is one of the most diverse places in the country and are trained to adapt to the needs that each event calls for.


Understanding the Logistics of Event Planning in Los Angeles

Team Building Events

After the goals and guest preferences are established, it’s time to consider logistics. The location, time, and pacing of the event all count towards the overall success of the event. Here’s a few points to consider.


Plan for The Commute

Anyone who lives in Los Angeles knows how brutal the traffic can be. The stress of the morning, evening, and weekend commutes can take a toll on the workforce. Get creative and think of venues that are near to the office. While hosting a corporate team building event within the office might not be a first choice, it can be a relief for employees who already deal with long LA commutes on a regular basis. Another fantastic option is to rent a buses, limos, or other creative transportation solutions that take the stress out of traveling and make it into a highlight. Select a time of day that makes sense for the commute, and consider offering employees an early day and beginning the event around lunchtime.


Don’t Forget the Food & Drinks

Let’s return to the party metaphor. No one would ever host a party without food and refreshments, and a corporate team building event is no exception. A world-class city like Los Angeles offers endless catering options to choose from. From inventive and energizing green juices, mobile coffee carts, street tacos, and cutting edge celebrity chefs, there is something for every taste and budget. In a food-focused city like Los Angeles, the food should be a star, not an afterthought. At the very least, providing water bottles, fresh fruit and granola bars will ensure that the team is hydrated and fed, and ready participate in the activities offered.

Team Building Events


Make Choices That Work for the Team Size

Consider the size of the team. If the event is intended to be a company-wide affair, it might be smart to host it somewhere close to the office. This will minimize commute times and costs that your employees will have to undertake to get to the event. If the guest list is shorter, there may be more options for location, budget, and overall logistics.


Decide On A Budget

Since team building has become an essential component of all successful contemporary corporations, most companies provide a monthly or annual budget for this type of activity. Keep in mind that it’s not necessary to overspend on team building. There are cost effective options available, even in Los Angeles. For example, hosting the event in a public space, like one of Los Angeles many beautiful beaches, can be a refreshing option. Or, finding an appropriate place in the office or office parking to host the event lot can free up the budget. Additionally, corporate volunteering is a fantastic way to stay in budget while giving back to the community.

Team Building Events

Consider Seasonal Influences

Part of hosting a successful corporate team building event in Los Angeles is in being mindful about the time of year that the event will take place. Make sure to check in with project managers and accountants to ensure that the event doesn’t overlap with deadlines that will make it difficult or stressful for a team to attend. If the event is intended to take place around the holidays (for example, a Corporate Social Responsibility event intended to support local families around Thanksgiving), be mindful about vacation dates and team members that may be planning to head out of town. Several employees take time off during the holidays, so attendance rates might be lower than hoped for. The weather is also an important factor when planning events in Los Angeles. Summers in LA can be extremely dry and hot- not the best time for outdoor rock-climbing or mid-day hiking. But those events can be perfect for the sunny, moderate climate that dominate most of the year.



Plan A Regular Event Schedule

All too often, corporate team building events are a “one-time” deal. The positive benefits of the event can be forgotten over the next year. It’s crucial to sustain the dynamic energy and bonds that were created during the event. Team building should be scheduled on a regular basis with a fresh goal or offering each time. This will help ensure that the company’s creative energy is refreshed on a regular basis.
For more information on hosting a corporate team building event in Los Angeles, contact A New Team.

Team Building Events

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